The “90 by 40” Life

fat_shortSince January 2011 I have had this love/hate relationship with losing weight and an ongoing battle with “keeping fit”. The infamous office FAT CHART was introduced at work that very month (a weekly weigh in to discover who is indeed the fattest in our office of IT nerds – feel free to interpret the term “fattest” how you will, we do) and I topped the scales at a mightily impressive 120kg  (18 stone 9lbs).

At the time of posting I sit at a fairly modest 102.7kg (16 stone 2lbs) after previously being as low as 97.7kg (15 stone 4lbs) just before I ran the Cumbrian Run in October 2013. So….I tend to “yo-yo”; but I’ve decided no more!!

With me fast approaching *cough* 40 and after falling off the wagon a good few times over the last 5 years, I’ve decided to blog my ever so boring life in the hope it keeps me motivated to improve all aspects of my life but mostly the biggest burden; running and the love/hate aspect of keeping fit and healthy as I slide towards the abyss of middle age.

My Mission is 90 by 40!! To be 90kg (14 stone) before by 40th birthday on 22nd January 2017. Doable? We’ll see.